Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Critial Thinking and Problem Solving

Hello Blogger,
I just finished watching a few videos about how children use critical thinking in math. The videos that I watched where very interesting and actually I can say that I was fascinated watching the  kids in these videos. These kids where put into groups and amongst them they need to correct there math papers without the teacher giving them the answers. That meant that if one of the students had a different answer than another student they had to try to work that problem out again until they all came up with the same answer. Now a skill like this is very hard to do especially if you are 10 years old.
I realized that from this video that children teaching and learning from each other is very important. The kids in the video where learning more than just math skills, they where learning how to communicate and listen to what others thought. I consider that more than just a math skill, but a life skill. I also seemed to make learning more hands on and fun for the children.

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